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I have had several people asking me what I have students write under the flaps in my Science and Social Studies Interactive Notebooks.  Today I am sharing some photographs of what you could have your students write underneath the flaps of my Science Notebook.  These are just ideas, I think it is very important for students to synthesize their own learning, and make decisions about what they think should be under the flaps. I always do some kind of activity with the content whether it is a read-aloud book, our text book, a video, power point slide show, etc. Also, the projects are designed to be flexible, so you can tailor them to your curriculum and standards.

Some projects require no writing, they are simply cut and glue projects:

 A Week of Weather is designed to be part of the class recording a week of weather.  Each day, students will observe the weather, and choose one to three types of weather to glue for that day.
I love this project!  It helps students see how the earth rotates around the sun.  Just be sure to not glue the Earth circle!

 I don't have the students do any writing on this project, I just want them to start learning the names and order of the planets.  You could have them write something about the planet on the backside of the flap.
 You could have students write about each label, if you wanted.  
I like to just discuss the different things that scientists do.  
 In this project, students sort the animals into the correct animal group.
Students sort and glue food into the correct food groups.

Students love this project!  
They choose one food from each food group to put in a lunch box, or on a school lunch tray.

Here are some ideas for the projects that require writing.  



In this project, students can describe what each step means.  
Another way to use this project, is to do an experiment, and write specifically about that experiment.


There is a season project for all four seasons.


There are 14 different scientists projects.




There are 9 different habitat projects.

I hope this helps give ideas of what can be written for the projects. 
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Interactive Notebook: Science {K-2}


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