Easter Literacy and Math Centers

Easter is such a fun time of year!  I love the eggs, the Easter baskets, the candy!  These materials can be used to make some really fun and simple learning centers!

This first center is a freebie from my TPT store!  Students sort six different sets of Easter Peeps number cards from least to greatest and record the numbers on the worksheet.  You can click here to access it!
Here is an idea for an easy math center that reviews three addends.  Place three number tiles in each Easter egg.  Students open the three eggs, add the numbers, and record the addition sentence on the sheet.  You can download the sheet here.  I have also included number tiles that you can print, if needed.  I would recommend printing them on card stock and laminating for durability,

My students always loved this phonics center.  There are three different sets; short vowels, silent e, and vowel teams.  Students open the eggs, build the words on the Easter basket printable, and write the word on the recording sheet.  This center is available in my TPT store.  You can click here to access it!


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