Math Stations

Today I wanted to share my new lesson form I am going to use for math this year.  My math block includes 40 minutes of a whole group math lesson and 20 minutes of small group intervention and enrichment.  This year for my intervention/enrichment time I am going to try math stations.  My plan is to have five math stations.  This way students will visit one station each day and I will only have to change the stations once a week.  One of the math stations will be the computer component that goes with our district math program.  Then while students are working at their math stations I will have time to meet with students in small groups for intervention and enrichment work.

I am going to copy the form front to back.  On the front side of the form  I will list my daily math lessons in the long boxes and my math stations for the week in the left column.  Then on the back side of the form I will plan for my small group interventions, students for intervention, and notes on their progress.  I hope you find this form helpful!


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