Interactive Writing Notebook for First Grade

Today I wanted to share my Interactive Writing Notebook for First Grade.   It is jam-packed with writing projects for first grade.  The activities are Common Core aligned, rigorous, and FUN for students.

The notebook covers numerous writing and grammar skills that are taught in first grade: beginning sentence writing, labeling, brainstorming ideas, writing narratives, informative writing, opinion writing, using transition words, how-to writing projects, letter writing, publishing, punctuation, questions, common and proper nouns, editing, adjectives, and poetry.

The notebook starts with ideas for the beginning of the year.  Who? Doing What? is a great place to start the year in first grade.  It helps students to learn to write telling sentences that contain both a naming and telling part.

Students write a naming part for the sentence under the first flap, and a telling part under the second flap.
 Once students have mastered telling sentences with naming and telling parts, we move on to Who? Doing What? Where? which helps them to add a bit more detail to the sentences

Labeling is a great non-fiction project for the beginning of first grade.

Writing about their own lives is a great place for students to start for narrative writing. 
 First Graders often struggle with ideas to get them started.

First graders also love to do opinion writing!  I love that this project has three levels.  I start the year with students writing a topic sentence, and two reason sentences.

Then we progress to a topic sentence with three reasons.

By the middle to end of the year, we can also add a closing sentence!  The great part- we have taught the students to write a five sentence paragraph!

The notebook contains 12 different opinion topics that appeal to first graders, plus a blank template for creating additional opinion topics.

I'll be back soon to share more ideas from the notebook. If you would like to learn more about it, I have created a sampler pack of the notebook that you can download free from my TPT store.

          Interactive Writing Notebook for First Grade {Sampler}


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